Trademark Renewal in India

Trademark Renewal

The Trademark registration is valid only for a period of 10 years. After it need to be renewed from time to time. After Trademark renewal proprietor conserves those rights which are only available to a registered mark. The proprietor loses all the rights to protect the Trademark if he fails to renew the Trademark.

After registration expires a registered mark of the Trademark is removed from the journal. A Restoration is a method to restore the registered mark if no renewal is made within six months after the expiry. The proprietor must need to apply for renewal to the Registrar’s Trademark office in a form [TM-R] on or before six months from the expiry of the Trademark registration date.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

  • In case your Trademark has been infringed Trademark renewal gives you legal rights.
  • The Trademark registration is a unique identification to protect your products in the market and it helps you standing above the competitors.
  • With the Trademark it establish company goodwill and open doors for franchises and other networking opportunities.

Basic Documents for Trademark Renewal:

  • Copy Of Trademark Registration Certificate
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Address Proof And Identity Proof Of The Applicant
  • Signed Draft Of Form TM-R

Procedure for Trademark Renewal:

Renew your Trademark registration before deadline for further 10 years with Ease2Bizz in simple steps:

  • Completely Fill-Up The Application Form
  • Provide Necessary Information And Documents
  • Preparation Of The Draft Application
  • Receiving A Mail Of Draft Application
  • Executive Submit The Final Application
  • E-mail Delivery Of Acknowledgement

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